Rr-ri-ing! (Pause) Rr-ri-ing! (Pause)… Rr-ri-ing!
That’s the telephone.

“Oh, Lord! Again!” That’s a busy person thinking out loud as they reach for the receiver:
Then the busy person vigorously shakes their head and hastens to add into the very same receiver:
“Sorry about that, what I meant to say was ‘Can I help you?’”
Someone chatters about something on the telephone to the busy person. They patiently listen, until the caller has finished, and then blurt out angrily:
The busy person listens a while longer and then nervously replaces the receiver.
“Mad as hell, some people!” the busy person mumbles.
“Well?!” the same person asks, lifting the receiver. “Sorry about that. Can I help you?”
… “No, you didn’t interrupt me! I interrupted myself!”
…Rr-ri-ing! Rr-ri-ing!


A responsible person employed in a leading government department arrives at work at nine each morning, just as they are meant to.
The person carries out responsible tasks, deciding on matters which they must study closely